Watch Maintenance

As we all know, the watch is a sophisticated timing instrument. There are hundreds of large and small parts in this small square. Due to its fine and complicated structure and different use environment, its maintenance has become Particularly important.
In today’s society, people are increasingly pursuing quality enjoyment, so the love for luxury watches such as Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex is obvious. Of course, while we appreciate the beauty of the watch, we should also learn how to maintain it.

Mirror maintenance of watches
Generally speaking, if the watch is worn for a long time, it is equivalent to being directly exposed to the unprotected space, it will inevitably produce some scratches that cannot be avoided. This will not only affect the appearance, but also make some friends who are pursuing the texture of the watch feel a little frustrated, so in this case, you can choose to change the mirror of the watch.
Although changing the mirror is the most direct and effective method, for most people, this is not only expensive but also has many inconveniences. Therefore, this requires us to take more care in our daily life. Try not to let the mirror hit the sharp objects, causing scratches on the mirror surface. Also check the strap regularly to see if there is any problem, so as not to accidentally The watch fell to the ground and caused damage.

Watch case protection
When wearing a watch, people always secrete sweat. The sweat is corrosive to the case. Because the all-steel case is made of nickel-chromium, the corrosion resistance is better than that of the copper semi-steel case. In order to avoid long-term contact with sweat, the semi-steel case is corroded. We should always use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or put on the plastic watch to prevent it from being eroded by sweat.

Watch strap protection
The straps of the watch are mostly metal straps and leather straps. For the leather strap, it is the same as other cortical things, that is, afraid of water. Therefore, you can’t soak in the water for a long time, and you can’t swim with it.
The leather strap is mostly worn. In order to avoid wearing a strap for a long time, it will be hardened by sweat, and it will also produce odor. Therefore, it is better to have more than two leather straps. Replace to avoid unnecessary losses.
The metal strap naturally has the same taboo as the leather watch because the water vapor oxidizes the metal strap. Therefore, when cleaning normally, you need to remove the strap and clean it separately. You can wipe the strap with a soft cloth dampened with “washing spirit”, then wash it with water, then dry it in a cool place or blow it with a hairdryer. dry.

Regular maintenance of the watch
Most watches on the market have waterproof logos, but some are not waterproof. Therefore, regardless of whether the watch indicates waterproof, the watch should be regularly maintained to extend the life of the watch movement.
When doing maintenance for the movement. There is a high requirement for the sealing of the case. As a non-waterproof watch, impurities such as dust and water vapor will be more easily accessible to the inside of the movement, which may easily cause damage to the watch. Therefore, when it is found that there is fog on the mirror, it should be removed in time. Generally, maintenance should be carried out between 1-2 years.
Compared with watches with strong waterproof performance, the maintenance time is generally about 3 years.

Antimagnetic maintenance of watches
As far as the anti-magnetic of the mechanical watch is concerned, we can’t open the back cover at will, so as to prevent all kinds of impurities from invading the watch machine and affecting its normal walking time; the watch case should be wiped frequently to keep it clean; Keep the timing accurate; when we are doing strenuous exercise, we need to take off the watch to prevent it from damaging its parts; so in our daily life, the place where the watch is kept should avoid magnets such as vise, steel. Knives, etc., are protected from magnetic influence.

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