Wearing A Watch

Watches are not only a timing tool but more often a fashion accessory. Whether you wear it yourself or give it as a gift, it is a good choice.
However, there are many sayings about how to wear a watch. The following is not to let everyone know what to do, but it can be understood in many ways.

It has been said that from a medical point of view, men’s and women’s watches are different because men’s blood flows from the heart to the left, while women do the opposite. So there is a saying that a man wears his watch in his left hand and a woman wears his right hand.

However, how to wear the watch correctly has a lot to do with our daily life habits, such as wearing a watch before going to work, taking off the watch after work, putting it into the watch box according to its usual habits, and repeating it the next day. Such a step is called normal wear.

In formal occasions, try to avoid wearing strange and trendy watches, and it is better to choose a more conservative choice.

To a large extent, the body shape often determines the temperament of a person, so a tall and strong person can choose a watch with a large dial, while a smaller one chooses a watch with a thinner dial.

No matter what kind of purpose we wear the watch, we must pay attention to the care of wearing the watch, or else not only can not achieve the desired effect we want but in many cases, it will be counterproductive. So for how to wear the watch correctly, it should still attract everyone’s attention.

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